Men in Curlers, A Caller’s Roleplay

Posted on February 3rd, 2009 in Phone Sex Callers,Sissy Boy Phone Sex by admin

Men in Curlers, A Caller’s Roleplay


 I had just gotten news from my best friend that she couldn’t help me with my finals at beauty school…you see i had to wash, set and makeover someone. Well i was so upset when Kris came knocking at my door. He was a sweetheart, very soft spoken & I think he has a crush on me. He has long soft hair and long eyelashes, very thin and…OMG Kris! You can let me do you! Your hair is long and i could make you look sooo good! He agreed because he wanted to please me and just couldnt say no!

At the salon i washed and set his hair in tight rollers then the phone rang, it was Greg, this totally hot hunk I have been Dying to go out with, we flirted a bit (like Kris wasn’t even there) and i agreed to let him pick me up…”Kris, help me get ready, iron these for me, I So want to fuck this guy, hes Sooo hunky, you know a real MAN” Kris did as I asked but looked very sad… OH no i forgot about your hair, it needs to dry anyway so how about you go home and I will call you when i am done from my date…

“Hey Kris, I’m sorry I have been out so long I JUST walked in, come right over”. And as promised Kris came. Like he was one of my girlfriends I started blabbing on about how my night went and compared Greg’s Hot Manly body to Kris’s delicate body and features. I also told him I was still dripping wet from the totally hot fucking i just had. I Soon found out that Kris actually DID have a crush on me and I told him he wasent my type, I like a real manly man. I told him he looked more of the pany wearing type and he looked sad. Well Kris, you wanna be my BF that bad then you can be a good boy and clean me up…Have you ever wanted a creampie so bad?