Posted on October 20th, 2010 in by admin

Hot Phone Sex

Do you enjoy being guided by a hot seductive voice? There is nothing hotter to me than the sound of a man stroking his cock, the messy slick lube or lotion slapping as he grips his shaft and pumps it off like a motherfucker . I enjoy thinking of a cock like a gun that must be taken care of. It must be oiled, cleaned out, aimed and fired off on occasion, The more the better. Just like a man and his hunk of cock meat. *giggles*

So why don’t you get your cock out and ready to play, oil it and give me a call so I can tell you exactly how I want you to tease and tickle, grip and jerk, squeeze and fondle that throbbing dick.

I promise to make you explode harder than you can imagine. But please note that I can be a very nasty bitch as well…I love to get down and dirty with some body worship and love to tease all you little cocks!

Yahoo ID Comming soon!






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