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Shemale Phone Sex with Dasha

You would never guess in a million years what I’m packing underneath my skirt! I fit in wherever I go & no one ever seems to know that I’m rockin’ a thick 9 inch piece of shemale meat between my legs (that’s right—9 inches—take a good look & have a good drool). Guaranteed if I go into any bar every single man in the place has his eyes on me. I especially love toying & fucking with straight, married men; turning those so-called hardcore players into cock-sucking, shemale-lovin,’ cum-eating fags! I’ve never had a guy look surprised once I’ve gotten him into the bedroom & showed him my dick. Every man I’ve ever taken home has been just too fucking turned on to think twice by the time he finds out! One look at my gorgeous face, tits & ass is enough to get you to suck me, stroke me, or bend over & spread ‘em like that good little shemale-loving doggy you are ~winks~

Do you think you can handle having your tender asshole penetrated, stretched, & shredded by my massive dong? My thrusts can be powerful & swift or soft & slow . . . I may sound like a bit of a domme to you, but the truth is I’m a switch & love having it both ways; sometimes I’m a teasing, demanding diva and sometimes I just want to have my tight creamy pussy ravaged by a man who knows what he wants. Either way, once you’ve had a taste of my sweet, creamy cum you’ll never crave a real cunt again for as long as you live! So If you’re in the mood for some Shemale Roleplay, Phone Sex with a Shemale Goddess, Sensual Domination, Bukkake Fantasies, Blow Job Phone Sex, Feminization, Anal Play, Anal Worship, or a Guided Masturbation Session, give me a call now—I’m a sweet taste of sugar for you!

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