Let’s have some sissy phonesex!

Posted on October 15th, 2011 in Hot Phonesex Roleplays,Taboo Phone Girls by admin

Wow I had the most fun sissy phone sex call last night!  I met a new sissy, who is not only a sissy, but a huge dirty slut!!  I call her “brittney slut”  cuz that’s exactly what she is; a panty wearing, little dick, pussy face pussy slut.  brittney slut luvs to have her ass pounded, last night she fucked that cunt with a BIG BLACK DILDO! and sucked another dildo in her pussy  mouth, brittney is such a diry slut.  I think what brittney slut really needs is a big fat real cock, and that’s my plan for her, to somehow somewhere find a REAL cock for her.  Yum that will be so hot to have a load of cum splattered all over her face – then everyone will know what a true cum slut brittney is.

I told brittney slut to have some pretty pink lipstick for our next call and she’ll have pretty pink ribbons too!  brittney slut will have to call me to see what I’m going to do with them and YOU will have to either call me or check my blog entries to find out *giggle*  Can’t tell all my dirty secrets just yet.  and brittney slut?  If you’re reading this (and I know you are!) get those hands out of your panties dirty slut and wait til you call me next to beg to play!

Let’s have some sissy phonesex!

Cock Teasing Phone Sex with Penny

Posted on October 15th, 2011 in Girl Next Door Phonesex,Incest Phonesex,Teen Phone Sex by admin

Have you been craving for a gorgeous young girl to tease your cock? Of course you are, thats why you are still staring at my pictures. I want to know what gets you hard! I will most likely use those urges against you.
You will tell me all of your secrets just to be able to cum. Cock Teasing is so much fun *giggle*


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