What turns me on- on a phone sex call?

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My biggest sexual turn-on is turning my caller on, and there is nothing more sexy then hearing you have not just an ordinary- everyday cum, but that earth shattering explosion … the release from experiencing a very special thing you crave, and maybe never asked for untill today.

Maybe its the hottest thing you can possibly think of  or want lived out with you by a woman who understands your needs, gets wet from them, and wants to help bring every single detail to real life for you.Our phonesex call will be a sexual explosion of intensity!

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Penny pedo phonesex!

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Hey guys! I’m Penny and I’m 18 and just out of school! I need a real hot fuck, call me now for the best, hottest phone sex you have ever gotten from a barely leagal teen! I really prefer older guys with experience! Someone who knows how to take their time with me and give me that raging orgasm I have been wanting for so fucking long!

I want you to call me for some hot pedo teen phonex so you can tell me how hot you are for my little teen body as you jack that gorgeous cock of yours! I really love to hear the sound of a guy stroking his cock but you know what really sends me over the edge? The sound of a guy having a real, good hard cum! I caught my dad masturbating not to long ago, He didn’t know I was watching, My god he had a beautiful hard cock! When he cam he arched his hips off the bed as he stroked his well lubed member so slow  and shot a stream of cum what must have been two to three feet in the air, the scene made me so fucking hot that I had an orgasm without even touching myself!

I was all I could do to keep from yelling out! IT WAS FUCKING HOT! I want you to use and abuse this piece of jailbait like I am your personal fuck toy! Call me now for the most mind blowing phonesex ever!


Penny’s Pedo Playland – Teen Phone sex Girl
Yahoo IM –  Playtimepenny

I love being a girl.

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I love being a girl. Girls get to be soft and feminine. Girls get to look sexy, seductive and wear pretty clothes.

I know you dream about wearing girlie clothes. I know your dirty little sissy secrets, you can’t hide them from me.

I love putting sissy girls into panties, ruffly dreses and sletto heels. Sissies get so addicted to my hypnotic and intoxicating voice they are simply powerless against it. There is no hiding what you really are creampuff.



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Naughty Little Kitten is on the prowl!

Ever had one of those girls that just make you say
“damn baby you’re so bad!” “you’re the nasty slut I have
been dreaming about” Well that girl is me, I am one hot
little whore, I love to get dirty with my callers, and talk
about all those deep, dark fantasies, that twisted deviant
shit you can’t tell anyone else. Want to fuck your sister?
Your daughter? Your niece? Your Sister n Law?

Even RAPE Them? Punish them for being so naughty, teasing
you, then give them that cock like they deserve? Call me, I can
help. I can role play and you can live out those twisted
fantasies or we can abuse them together, I can be your
accomplice, whichever it all makes my cunt wet!!!!!


hard dick in his hands all wet from the water, and I stroked him off until he came on my tits!

Danielle~Cock Sucking Ecstasy!

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Sit back, relax, whip out your cock, and let me take you on the wildest phonesex ride of your life. My name is Danielle & I’m a trashy barely legal whore who would love nothing more than to suck your cock till you explode with ecstasy inside my greedy mouth. I am here for your phonesex pleasure & trust me, no taboos here—anything goes with me! I love having a great time and for me pleasing older men is what brings it! No matter if you just feel like talking, trying a new kinky roleplay, or confessing your dirtiest fantasies and desires to someone who will never judge you, I’m here for you! Try me for some accomplice phonesex, big tit fetish, blonde fantasy, or creampie fun today!

~Danielle http://taboophonegirls.com/danielle/

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Danielle~Big Tit Phone Sex

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Slide your throbbing cock between my huge barely legal tits.  Watch as I slowly lick the precum off the tip of your dick . . . Mmmm . . . I love the taste of cum . . . The taste of a man in my mouth.  Do you want to watch this whore swallow every last drop of your load?  Pinch my nipples and I guarantee you I will!  You’ll be in heaven playing with these big breasts!  Call me today for a wild phonesex session with a big-titted barely legal slut! 

~Danielle http://taboophonegirls.com/danielle/

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