Voyer Phonesex roleplays – Sex in Public

Posted on August 5th, 2010 in Voyer & Exabitionist Blogs by admin

Hey there Luvah !

So, here we are…You and I going out to dinner. Although I am All Dolled Up for the nite out, all I can think about in the car is being real slutty with you while at this gorgeous restaurant.

You see, I have it in my head that this time, instead of me rubbing my feet allover your cock under the table, as we wait patiently for our dinner…I will
summon you to the bathroom to cum and fuck me right there in the men’s bathroom stall.

As soon as you meet me in there, I will attack that big fat cock of yours, sucking you like the kinky horny slut that I am.   Umm, give it to me baby, lemme deep throat you and then have you pick my ass up and fuck me mid air, as I moan and groan through the motions. I just love the way you stop to suck and squeeze on my titts while kissing me passionately, as you pound me harder and harder.

After our quick fuck, you gently put me down and I suck that cock once more, before we return to the dinner table to consume our meal, after just consuming each  other so fucking intensely.  Dessert I cannot wait for, because it will be me and you for dessert…as we continue what we started, once we quickly get home.  Umm, gimme that hard cock baby…You know I’ll take good care of it !

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Ageplay roleplay is hot this summer!

Posted on August 5th, 2010 in Ageplay Phone sex by admin

Ageplay roleplay is hot this summer! So what could be better than some nasty incest phone sex with a barely legal coed teen like myself? Hmmm . . . I’d have to say a naughty phone sex fantasy centered around family fun—that’s right—me, sissy, & you, Daddy ~giggles~ I’m all about being the bad girl or your willing accomplice; no fetish is too wild or taboo for me. So whether you just want me alone or you want mommy, brother, and sister to join in with us too, call me today for the best guided masturbation phonesex session of your life!

~ Danielle~