Hot teen incest with uncle Dave

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Hi Baby !
Well, as usual I have been up to my naughty ‘lil adventures again.  This weekend my cute Uncle Dave came over to check on me, since my parents were away for the weekend.  I have ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS had a hot ass crush on him.  I had just gotten some sexy lingerie at the mall that day, and couldn’t wait to feel really alluring by testing it out on uncle Dave.

I had it all planned.  He’d come over and I would already be wearing it when I answered the door.  This is Exactly what happened…

I opened the door and his eyes nearly popped out
of the sockets.  He said, “Why Kitten, Why are you dressed that way?”  I told him that tonight was the night he was going to see what I really thought of him for a longtimenow.  Puzzled by my statement he asked, “what do you mean exactly Kitten?”

I told him how I had the hots for him and continued to sit on his lap and instantly rip out his cock and suck it profusely, before he could even know what happened to him.  After a few moments of that hot ass blow job, I felt his hands stroking my hair first, then downward to my titts and grabbing on to my hot teen ass. 

I knew I had him then, whenhe flipped me over and gave me some hot anal sex… My Cute & Rock Fuckin’ Hard, Uncle Dave !

I fucked him all through the night…and guess what? I’m ready for more, so get your hard cock over here and call me now…You know you need some of this hot juicy phone sex fucking from me, too !

Hot teen phone sex fuck Kitten

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Incest Phonesex with Danielle

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I know that you would love to have incest.

There is someone in your family that you want to have sex with. It could be your mother, sister, or grandmother. There is someone now that you dream about or it could be fantasies of the past when you were younger. Wouldn’t you just love to suck your mother’s breasts again?
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I love to wear next to nothing around the house.
Sometimes I walk to the bathroom at night with no clothes on.
Sometimes I masturbate in my room with the door open.
Am I a tease or am I just a hot slut?

You may have a daughter who turns you on so much that you need to use self control to prevent yourself from raping her. Perhaps you can explore this fantasy in our phone sex talk. Decide if you really want to go through with it. We can talk about any kind of sex that you want to do. there are no taboos here.