Phonesex with Jodi

Posted on June 13th, 2009 in Hot Phonesex Roleplays by admin



I am a true phonesex nymph and nothing the guys say shocks me anymore only turns me on more! I am very open minded and have no limits or sexual boundries. My pussy gets wet just being hearing guys stroking and jerking their cocks to the sound of my voice and the things I say. 

 I like to use my cyber skin cock on myself while I am on the phone giving you the hottest phonesex pussy I can. My dildo is designed to come alive with my own pussy heat.. it becomes skin-like so it is like you are really right here fucking me.

Call me, fuck me, cum with me!


  • 10 Minutes – $20.00
  • 20 Minutes – $36.00
  • 30 Minutes – $50.00

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