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Don’t forget you can IM me on Yahoo…


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A sweet Roleplay…

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A sweet Roleplay…

We are both at a neighborhood party. You’re there alone and I’m there with my bf. He is busy talking to his friend’s about cars and such. I’m so bored that I decide to go home. I tell him and he doesen’t even seem to care. As I walk away, I catch you staring at me. So being a little tease I unbutton a button from my slutty dress, reveiling my breasts who are pushed up and pouring out now.I drop my purse on purpose and bend over to allow you to see my silky g-string and my nice firm ass cheeks. You follow me as I keep walking home…

I’m in the kitchen, you sneak in and grab me from behind. You violently rub my tits as you whisper nasty things in my ear. You rip my g-string and bend me over the counter and you force your way into my tight asshole. You tell me how much I deserve to be fucked hard after being such a cocktease! I totaly enjoy every minute of it! You pound my hole with hard strokes…taking time to hear me grunt with each one….waiting for me to beg for more….You grab my hair, pulling it back while spraying your huge creamy load into my fuck hole!

….Now guys, being him, do you think she deserved it?

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