Always wanting more..

Posted on January 3rd, 2009 in Mature Role Play Blogs by admin


When the other girls would giggle, squeel, and mostly act repulsed when it came to sexual topics, I was always facinated. I started reading on sex at an early age, and started experimenting, first with the boys, you know, handjobs in the movie theatre, blowjobs during the football game, and having sex anywhere you could ever imagine.
This satisfied my desires for a while, then I started to want more, it didn’t matter if it was men,
or ladies. I just can’t get enough of sex. Phone sex has given me the perfect outlet to talk about my fantasies, desires and a way to share my stories with you. I’m very open minded, and always ready & horny. I’m very girly, and I love showing that off. Whether it be by teasing and denying you in sexy lingerie, or feminizing and dressing you up (Then playing with my naughty toys)